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Dec 21, 2022

Mediterranean student cuisine

We all know that Mediterranean cuisine has been around for thousands of years. It's rich in history, culture, and flavor. But what exactly is it? And when did it first originate? Let's look at the different countries that make up this region to find out more about Mediterranean student cuisine's influences on other cultures around the world in this section:


Spain is known for having a tapas culture, with small plates of food you can share with friends. The Spanish also love to drink wine, often with their food. Paella is a popular dish made with rice and seafood or meat (if you want to try it at home, make sure to use saffron). You may have heard of chorizo before—it's a spicy sausage that can be used in many different dishes! Garlic shrimp is delicious when cooked on the grill or stovetop, making it perfect for summertime cooking.


Portuguese cuisine is a style of cooking originating from Portugal. Portuguese cuisine is similar to other Iberian cuisines, mainly Spanish, French, and Italian. Arab influence came from the many Muslims living in the Portuguese territory during the Middle Ages. The country's major cities were established as colonies of trading partners (mainly Lisbon, where the Phoenicians settled).


Malta is a Mediterranean island, and its cuisine reflects the fact that it's surrounded by water. Seafood is one of Malta's most popular foods, with fish and shellfish being featured in dishes like seafood pasta or grilled octopus. If you're looking for something sweet after dinner, try baklava or Kalami tal-għasel (a dessert made with semolina). You'll also find street food at local markets throughout Malta—grab some falafel or spanakopita while you're out and about!

Explore the delicious world of Mediterranean student cuisine.

The Mediterranean is an area that spans a vast amount of countries, cultures, and cuisines. This can make it difficult to know where to start when you want to explore the world of student cooking. If you're looking for inspiration on what to cook next but don't know where your tastes lie, I recommend looking at the food in Spain. The Mediterranean region is famous for its seafood dishes and tapas bars, so why not combine them? That's precisely what I did when I made this tapas-inspired dish!