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Dec 21, 2022

Tips for prepping and caring for your grill

Grilling is a great way to add flavor to your food while also getting some exercise. But before you start grilling, there are a few important things to do first.

Choose the right fuel

There are three main types of fuel: charcoal, wood, and propane. Charcoal is best for high-heat grilling because it burns cleaner than other fuels and produces less ash. Wood gives off more smoke than charcoal does, but it creates a nice smoky flavor that can enhance certain foods. Propane is good for low-and-slow cooking because it burns hot and cleanly.

Maintain your grill

This means replacing any parts (like burners or grates) as needed and cleaning out the interior of your grill after each use to prevent rusting or corrosion from forming inside the grill itself. You should also keep an eye on your grill's heat levels so that food cooks evenly across all sides of its surface—you can do this by adjusting vents or adding more fuel if necessary!


Another important step before grilling is choosing the right tools: tongs will help you flip meats easily without damaging them during cooking time; spatulas are useful for flipping burgers over while they're still cooking; brushes will help remove any dirt particles